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About Us

Attaining Special Event Success

Welcome to CORA USA, a specialized marketing-presentation, staffing and consulting company, dedicated solely to helping you achieve success as a vendor with your roadshow and promotional events. Choosing a major warehouse club, major retailer or special event is a great first step towards effectively promoting your products and services, but there is a lot more involved in achieving absolute Special Event success. CORA USA puts you in close communication with our high quality PSR's and provides you with tools that enhance the communication you receive concerning your event.

Top Quality Representatives

Our PSR's are hand selected based on strict policies of conduct and qualifications. Each PSR is highly trained in your company’s specific needs. We understand the value of targeted, specialized training based on the products you offer. Choosing to employ CORA USA's well trained representatives will become the foundation of success for your events, increasing promotional effectiveness, presentation efficiency, and production cost.

Communication is Key

The key role that communication plays in any successful venture can’t be ignored. Our software tools are designed to facilitate effective communication between vendor and PSR's and between vendor and venue. Through improving communication we have strengthened our relationship with Costco and Sam's Club corporate and their local club managers. Our CORA Software option will strengthen your lines of communication even more and increase your effectiveness.

Get Started Today!

CORA USA has demonstrated an ability to increase sales, market awareness, and produce professionalism and awareness for a growing number of brands. Contact us today to discuss how our services can help you to increase performance and maximize profits.